Thursday, January 2, 2020

Good News!

So, for the past few months I've been having this issue with my brother:

to put it simply, he breathes loudly.

Yesterday I was a bit assertive in my demands that he try to control his breathing better. (to quiet down)

My Dad said I should wear earplugs. I eventually decided he may be right.

But my brother woke up a little while ago, and without me having to wear earplugs:

It appears HE IS ACTUALLY MAKING THE EFFORT to breathe quietly!!!

It's only been a few minutes so far, but the change is huge.

If this continues, I'll be so much happier. Maybe I should buy him a gift. Maybe I should mention that to him.

But anyway.

Yesterday we had a hubbub on the topic, today he's actually trying,

and I'm writing this on my blog because I don't want to send the hospital too much email.

At least it's good news:::: Big vast difference and improvement this morning!

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