Sunday, January 12, 2020

Doing Maintenance

A while back on this blog I reported I had purchased a refurbished 1.4Ghz 2014 model Mac mini from Apple for certain development purposes and whatnot.

I had a big complaint about the system:::: it was unbearably slow.

Today my Dad and I now understand the problem better and are working to fix it::::

We did a disk benchmark on the machine::: the hard drive doesn't work very well anymore.

So I restored the time machine backup on to an external SSD plugged into the computer:

and running the computer from the external SSD, it is working so, so so much better.

You would not believe how painfully slow the system was on the deteriorating hard drive -----

but running the system from an external SSD makes it run beautifully ----- breathing new life into the hardware.


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