Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My New Alignment

So: for better or for worse, I am now, regardless of whether anyone cares or not, announcing my new alignment.


When I was a kid, I was very conservative, basically because I grew up in a Conservative Locale with Parents who were conservative.

I experienced so many problems growing up and all the church would do is require me to forgive, that I became disabled. I couldn't handle life anymore.

I was basically oppressed ------ and that lead me to socialism.

Yeah --- it's weird, I was technically supposed to be some kind of elite conservative (high grades in school and doing my best to do my best at what I'm supposed to do) --------- but conservatism didn't make any sense anymore to me when my own sister is involved in oppressing me and I'm not allowed to do anything about it.

So::::: I became disabled, and I felt that in order to increase my position in life, a rise in position in life would be equality, which meant socialism. (I was basically lower class growing up ----- socialism would only improve my circumstance).

So::::::: What is my new alignment now?

Now that I've largely recovered from schizophrenia, and when I look at my own brother with how ill he is or has been --------- I realize that people aren't actually equal.

He and I are or were both schizophrenic ------ but even he and I, same family, same sex, same disease, even though in so many ways we may be considered similar::::: simple fact is we are not equal.

From my perspective, there's a clear difference between me, having largely recovered, and him, when he's having severe problems.

Equality is a myth.

I still believe in helping the poor. I believe in a certain amount of equalization. But I don't believe in equality. Not anymore.

Socialism serves a purpose:::: to help the oppressed. I'm not really oppressed so much anymore ----- and I've come to realize that equality is just a myth. It's not real. People are different.

So::::: I've decided I believe people are FREE.  As near as I can tell, without having a great deal of knowledge about everything ------ I am now a Liberal. (not a card-carrying Liberal, just a Liberal in my heart).

I believe in freedom.

Are there problems with freedom and Liberalism?

The one big problem is this:::: some people make bad choices with their freedoms.

But that's preferable to me compared to Conservatism.

In Conservatism, the elite decision-makers decide what is right and wrong.

If the Elite Decision-makers make a bad choice ---- that affects everyone poorly.

But in Liberalism, if an individual makes a bad choice ----- it affects fewer people.

I'm just speaking from having a limited understanding of these ideas and what my mind thinks about how I suppose it.

A reason I don't believe in following the leader can be exampled by something at church:::::

The Leader says it is wrong to masturbate.

But I am completely unable to adequately follow that rule.

This did not result in a good situation.

For the simple reason that the elite decision-makers might do something wrong, I am now going with the Liberals.

And I'm just referring to my vague idea in my own mind of what a Liberal would be ---- since I might not know everything.

If a Conservative leader makes a poor decision, it affects everyone poorly.

Socialism may help the oppressed, but realistically equality is a myth.

Liberalism says people are free. People may make bad choices, but it shouldn't be as devastating as if a top leader made a bad choice for everyone else.

And my version of Liberalism is the one where there is some equalization provided ----- Where there is care taken for the poor. I believe in helping the poor.


Conservatism is dangerously dictatorial.

Socialism propagates what is essentially a myth.

And Liberalism lets us more or less choose for ourselves.

There you go.

I'm aligning myself now with some vague sense of Liberalism.

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