Monday, December 16, 2019

I Am Joyful

I was thinking about Christmas Gifts for the nieces and nephews this year -

I figured musical instruments were a good idea -

but my parents warned me especially about my two younger nephews, that they're too young and would likely destroy the instruments.

And though I'm no longer planning to buy instruments for the kids, as I was searching for gifts I came across a place that sells HARMONICAS.

I borrowed some money from my Dad, and researched the topic a bit, and bought a diatonic harmonica in the key of C.

I've had the harmonica for only a few days now, but I am having a blast with it.

Making music is so much fun. I highly recommend learning to play an instrument.

So, right now it's 3:04AM and I'm not tired anymore ---- and I want to play but I know I can't.

I do, however, feel so much joy, especially about the music, and I just thought it's nice to share the gift of music, and to encourage people to learn to play because of how awesome it is.

I remember in the past The Avril Lavigne Foundation had a thing for buying musical equipment for disabled kids.

I completely understand why now.

It's magical how music can lift your spirits, even more so if you learn to play yourself.

So now I know some guitar and some harmonica. I'm over the moon with happiness.

The fun of learning new songs ----- and the fun of practising playing the songs ----- and then performing ------- it's all good.

So happy.

Merry Christmas.

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