Saturday, December 7, 2019

Curing the Memories

Yesterday I think it was I was laying in bed, and my mind was just running through all kinds of problems I had as a kid.

And I just came to a realization:::: there were just so many problems in my childhood, that going through a list of everything would take up so much time, and I'd probably start repeating myself, so I might as well just forget those problems and let them be in the past - behind me.

After I told myself that ------ I was able to spend the rest of the day with a clear mind, being able to look at life without a bunch of baggage in my head.

It probably helps that within the past week or two I just said in my mind "I forgive my sister". Just letting it all go.

And the really-really great thing about this is whenever I'm around my sister now, as a grown-up, she's like a completely different person.

She is MUCH MUCH nicer to be around now. These days I can actually accept that she's a member of my family.

Childhood is over. And I should forget about it.

I guess this blog post is basically about how I'm miraculously coming to a point where all kinds of problems from my childhood aren't haunting me all day anymore.

I must've spent over a decade trying to recover from childhood ------ so, yeah, here I am::: Finally in a place where I can rationally tell my mind that there's no end to the list, and it's just a waste of time to go through and remember all the problems.

So, my brain is feeling clearer and free-er now. Yay.

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