Monday, December 9, 2019

A New Trend?

Something odd has been happening.

The last 3 or 4 people I've come across who appear to be financially down on their luck or who appear to be homeless::::

They're not begging anymore.

I'm a very willing helper to panhandlers ----- I'll often share -------- and for a long time it was always expected that eventually, someone would come along who needs help ----------

but the last 3-4 people I've come across who appeared to be homeless or doing poorly ---- NONE of them were begging!

In my heart, I immediately realize it would be good to offer help ------- but when they don't ask for help the idea of just giving money away seems very odd at that point.

Anyway ------ just a strange new trend -------- The "homeless" have stopped looking for handouts. Huh.

Also worth noting is that on each of these occasions where I saw these 3-4 people, someone else was already somehow attending to the individual. I don't know what they were doing together, but I didn't feel necessary in any situation.

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