Wednesday, December 11, 2019

9 Years Later

Today I had an answering machine message.

Someone wanted to talk to me about my book.

I looked up the name on the call display.

It's a digital marketing company that has a specialty for books.

It's nice to see someone validate my humanity -----

but just earlier today I was talking to my brother about why there are no Convenience Store owners in our church -------- everything has to be forgiven, therefore people would just rob the store and the church owner wouldn't be allowed to do anything about it.

It's kind of the same with my book business:::: It's really hard to sell books when 7/10 people don't have money, when piracy is rampant and you've always been told all your life just to forgive everything.

Even if people take interest in my work, I can't sell squat ------ Piracy rules the realm and I've never been issued any permission to do anything about any problems.

And if my brain had any concerns about the church ----- Youtube took care of that ------- I was able to be psychologically validated in the past years with information that helped me have a greater understanding of church problems.

My book, to me, feels like something to be left in the past. It doesn't seem totally important anymore.

It's an interesting yet horrible story, which people found very interesting yet they also hated it. Supposedly.

I just don't see the point of my book at this stage now. It's 9 years later, there hasn't been any success so far,, and I don't see entirely how my book would even be relevant anymore.

It's definitely an interesting story ------ but there have been so many other people talking about similar topics -------- it doesn't seem totally necessary anymore.

It just feels like something to be left in the past right now. Besides, I'm not able to actually sell it.

Anyway::: the above are just a bunch of reasons why I'm not taking interest in hiring a digital marketing firm to market my 9-year-old book.

But it is nice to have my humanity validated by someone who seemingly offered to help.

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