Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Second Time this has happened now

In a previous post from a few months ago, I told a story ----

The same kind of story happened again last night.

Last night I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep ---- but I felt, well, horny. I just had this annoying feeling down there that was telling me to have sex.

I'm actually pretty annoyed with that requirement of my physiology. I am getting so tired of those feelings.

I asked the question in my mind: "Why does God make me feel this way?"

Shortly after asking that question in my mind, the feeling disappeared. No more horny. Still no such feeling after a night of sleep.

On the occasion from a few months ago the thought I thought was "There's a ghost molesting me" --- shortly after which the feeling disappeared.

But yeah ----- it appears, in my experience, that if you think a thought or telepathically think a thought accusing a Ghost or God of sexually molesting you, twice now the horny feelings disappear shortly after you think the thought.

But seriously:::: those feelings have been such a problem for me ever since my grandmother died ------ and I'm just getting really, really tired of them.

So it's interesting how simply thinking such thoughts makes the feelings go away.


I suppose I could mention, in other news, that in the past few weeks I've learned quite a bit more music on guitar.

I know enough music now that I can't even remember all the titles I know all at once I think. Yay.

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