Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Preparing for Christmas


I was originally planning on playing some Public Domain Christmas music on LBRY for the Christmas season -------- but I'm realizing it might be a challenge to sort which arrangements of music are the original and public domain versions versus which ones are newly copyrighted transpositions ------ so I might have to not go ahead with that plan.

So::: I wrote my own Christmas poem, and tried putting it to music, and recording it.

Some parts of the song seem musical. But it also seems kind of like a very monotone chant kind of.

I've got work to do.

Even though, when played quickly, certain notes sound good ---- when you are playing them as slowly as I've been doing it doesn't sound right.

So:::: Played quickly, the tune might sound good. Played slowly, it sounds boring.

Maybe I shouldn't even try singing. I don' t know.

I'm just feeling like I'm lost about this music. To be legible in vocals it needs to be slow --- but then it sounds bad ------ for the music to sound like music it has to be faster.

I'm obviously not the best yet. Yeah, no.

UPDATE::::: November 21st 2019::::::

So, I did some research.

Two of the three Christmas Songs I learned are in the original key, as I've understood.

That means two of my three Christmas Songs are Public Domain. I'm pretty sure.

And I think that means I'll be able to play them.

The one I won't play, not yet at least, is Good King Wenceslas.

The version I know starts with a key of G.

The original starts with a key of F.

Because of this, I believe I risk infringing copyright if I play the G Wenceslas song.

But I can play two other songs well enough::: I found out what I learned matches the original publications, so I think I'm good there.

UPDATE:::: November 22nd 2019:::::

I was looking at Wikipedia for early manuscripts of Good King Wenceslas Sheet music.

It appears the tune appeared a long time ago with the first note being "B". So I guess that's not copyrighted anymore.

And if the first note of G is copyrighted ----- I wonder who holds the copyright, if anyone.

But two of the manuscripts of the song on Wikipedia have the player playing 4 notes at the same time, which is not what I'm going for on my guitar ------ so I guess I just have to assume what I learned might be copyrighted and I shouldn't play it.

But if I learn it in a key of B --- with the first note being a B ------ that version of the tune is absolutely ancient.

But considering how in my original research I thought I was a note of F where it started, and then I look it up on Wikipedia and a very old manuscript appears with B -------

I suppose I might have to do further research to find out if my two other Christmas Songs really are public domain or not.

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