Sunday, November 24, 2019

My Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night.

First time I think I've ever had a dream like this.

The dream starts basically with scenes of face-painting, it was like we were live-action-role-playing or something like that --------

and I was moving to grab a guitar -------

when I started to float. I began levitating higher and higher into the sky.

And I had this idea that I was with Jesus up there.

And, the dream turns very, very dark.

So bad in fact I don't think I can say what happens here.

Just intense graphic scenes of nastiness is all I'll say.

and I woke up.

I rolled over, tried to get more sleep.

I was thinking about how I might try playing Good King Wenceslas in the key of B ----- starting the song with a B and playing it like it's shown on the old music on Wikipedia --------

and as I was laying in bed, thinking about this, trying to go to sleep -------- I heard a voice in my bedroom say my name.

I acted like I didn't hear it ------ for surely I was hallucinating at that point.


I just thought I'd report my dream last night.

I've heard other people on Youtube report dreams of being taken up into the sky to be with Jesus ---- now I've had a similar type dream too.

and this is all the more interesting to post since I heard a hallucination say my name as I was going back to sleep.


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