Sunday, November 24, 2019

Confused by Sheet Music Copyright


I did a search online to find out what the original Key of the Original and therefore Public Domain version of Good King Wenceslas was.

I found a website with Good King Wenceslas sheet music.

The website had the music in the key of G.

And it was copyrighted to some guy.

And then I noticed they had the music for the song in a bunch of other keys too ----- and I checked one --- copyrighted to the same guy.

So I looked at the book where I originally learned the song ---- in the key of G, copyrighted to a different company.

and then I looked online at an online sheet music shop where I've started buying sheet music:::: copyrighted to yet another different company.

OK ------ so we've got three different claimants all with their versions of the sheet music of Good King Wenceslas in G.

Three copyright claims, three pieces of sheet music. Same song.

Yeah --- I'm kind of confused here.

What is copyrighted and what isn't? Is playing Good King Wenceslas in G completely Public Domain in its entirety?

Is it just the version of the sheet music that's copyrighted?

I'm kind of confused.

I'm going to have to get some money to go to this one website that specifically sells Public Domain sheet music to find out what's OK and what's not.

But when everyone has their own copyright to essentially the same thing I'm getting really confused.

I guess the public domain sheet music store will be able to help ---- once I finally have funds available to buy the public domain sheet music.

We'll see. Things are just kind of really confusing here.

If I can get public domain sheet music to tell me what key I can play a song in ----- then it should be good for LBRY.

But I'm wondering if Good King Wenceslas in the key of G IS public domain, but three different groups all have copyrights on their own little pieces of paper depicting it. Who knows.

Just really confusing stuff when three different people claim copyright of essentially the same thing which would be public domain. Something like that.

My final note:::::

The book of music that I originally learned Good King Wenceslas in G from::::

It has guitar tablature for the song.

But in my opinion, they tablature for the song is really confusing and ultimately useless.

I basically took the notes of the music as given on the sheet music and invented my own way of playing the same notes, but in a different way than the tab.

My personal version of the tablature makes more sense.

The tablature given in the book of music was confusing and basically useless.

But yeah, anyway.

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