Friday, November 15, 2019

Attention Seeking

Well, I've had a certain amount of success on LBRY ------ and now I'm turning into a bit of an attention seeker on the platform.

I realize some of my videos have gone through "their runs" and probably aren't so interesting anymore ------

and I realize that many people might not be in the mood to afford all my games -------

But after getting as much attention as I did get for a good while, well, it's like that phenomenon where you get a lot of likes on Facebook and then start wondering why people stopped liking.

Yeah ---- it's easy to feel loved when the tips are flowing, and it seems almost like a natural response to wonder why people "don't like me anymore" after the tips slow down.

It might just be a financial issue, I'm sure most people are kind and friendly ----- and that maybe I'm just not so interesting anymore.

But considering the history of my life -------- yeah -------- just like life is a mess for so many people my life was a bit of a mess too -------- so what are the implications of that?

But I guess financial difficulties may also be part of the issue------ not everyone has a bunch of video gmess they can sell on the platform like I can.

But yeah ---- getting good attention and then getting doldrums is causing me to, perhaps "irrationally", seek more attention.

I use the word irrationally because my mind just feels like its looking for that high again.

Maybe I just shouldn't worry about it.

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