Friday, November 29, 2019

Another Dream Last Night

So, a few days ago I mentioned a dream I had where I started floating into the sky where I was with Jesus, and then things started happening which are probably too graphic for this blog.

Last night I had another dream.

When I looked up the nature of this dream in a dream interpreter program I got from the App Store --- technically it's about something that's not so good.

There was something in my dream going on before the scene I'm about the mention ---- but I can't remember what it was -------

I just remember being rushed at by two angry dogs.

According to the dream interpretation journal, this is a very bad sign.

If there's any good news, it's this:::: the two angry dogs didn't even bite me.

I wrestled the first one between my legs so it couldn't attack ----- and the second dog attacked the first dog.

SO:::: I was being rushed at by two angry dogs in my dream ------ but neither of them actually bit me.

Is this good or bad?

It, however, might indicate some kind of difficult circumstance, maybe danger.

I just pray to God for good fortune.

And I feel it's too bad that I'm having dreams like this. I know they are days apart from each other ----- but seeing what I'm seeing in my two dreams thus far tells me something is wrong.

A good piece of news is I am well aware God loves me, he has blessed me greatly. That's a comfort.

Anyway ---- is it at all important to report disturbing dreams on this blog? Maybe, maybe not.

But I have these dreams and I don't like them ----- so I'm mentioning it as something I appear to be going through now.

NOTE:::::: I will mention that it's also very odd that I am having these dreams indicating some kind of misfortune, because over time my life has just been getting better and better. Very strange.

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