Monday, October 7, 2019

Something Really Weird just happened.

I checked my budget in Numbers on my iPhone.

I had $183.57 available according to the spreadsheet.

I then went to my banking app to make sure that number was correct.

The banking app said my balance was $180.57 (3 dollars had been automatically put in savings).

So, I logged out of banking --- and went to reopen numbers to manually update my budget.

Something weird happened.

Usually, my numbers spreadsheet is zoomed in so I can see the numbers close-up and easily edit them.

But in a flash, the spreadsheet was zoomed out.

This isn't the weird part.

I made the finger gesture to zoom-in.

And I saw that the number on my budget that Iw as going to manually change had been automatically changed to the right number.

Either the phone is learning and knows exactly what goes where ----- or there was some magic ----- or I manually changed it, blanked out and completely forgot what I just did without realizing I already did what I wanted to do.

Weirdest thing.

My iOS recently updated to the new version ----- is this a feature of the new OS?

Either it's a kind of scary technological advancement ------- or it was some miracle where I just willed the data to change without having to press anything -------- or I made the change myself, completely blanked out and forgot what I just did ------ which is pretty weird.

Yeah ------ I've noticed some other weird stuff like this too.

Like, ever since I lost my friendship with the ballerina girl ------- she did keep in contact for a while afterward, intermittently --------

and sometimes I think I remember what she said ------ but then I'll go look up her email, and find that the email is not how I remembered it ------- as if the email changed on the storage system or I'm having memory problems.

I'm not sure I should go into detail about what happened the last time I thought I remembered I knew what she said, I looked it up in the records, and found something a bit different ---- it's just a very strange thing.

In one email she gives me one set of inaccurate ideas --------- and then years later when I check the email again, she says she can't remember exactly and the story of the email is changed from how I remember it used to be.

It's like of like how I was reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W Kimball, I came across some things in the book I definitely remembered ------

and when I looked back in the same book years later, the writing had completely changed and the message had changed as if someone had switched out my original copy with a different edition that said different stuff.

it's the weirdest thing.

To recap:

1) Some data automagically changed in my spreadsheet. I've never seen this happen before.
2) Emails from an old friend seemed to have magically changed over the years so as they are now are not how I remember what she originally said.
3) A book I read seemed to magically change as if someone switched out my copy with a different edition with a different message (but the same cover of the book was used).

Just really weird stuff.

Something is just really weird when the number in your spreadsheet automagically changed to the correct number all by itself without me having to do manual data entry.

Really --- really ----- weird.

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