Friday, October 18, 2019

Reducing Reusing and Redeciding

Well, with my Dad's help I was able to upgrade my old Linux Laptop with a new SSD -----

that breathes new life into this laptop,

so I'll be reusing it for longer, and reducing the number of computers I plan on purchasing over time.

And we can buy an external enclosure and reuse the hard drive taken out of the laptop as well.

But despite reducing clutter and junk -----

I have been having second thoughts about voting for the Green Party. Maybe I won't.

But I don't need to convince anyone of anything.

Part of my problem is I might not be fully intellectually-capable.

My intellectual abilities have been improving over the years ------

But with how smart I was in grade 12 and university it's clear I've had my problems.

But want to know what really boggles me?

Me --- with the problems I've had ------- why on earth did the church think it was a good idea to tell me to go to university even though my patriarchal blessing didn't say so and my brain wasn't in the mood?

It's just kind of strange that there was so much emphasis on University after high school ----- but my functioning as very-very low at that point so I don't understand why my intellect with limited ability at that time was being told to study at higher education.

It didn't make sense.

If the church knew I wasn't mentally-well, why would they send me to something I'm going to fail at, while taking away Avril Lavigne who was helping with my psychological issues?

Something was wrong with that.

But I digress ----- my brain isn't always fully functional, therefore it's not on me to convince anyone of anything political.

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