Thursday, October 10, 2019

New Amplifier

I've bought a new Amp.

It's a brand-name amp.

I like it because it's portable and battery-powered.

I plan on using it with my electric guitar at a family event that's coming soon.

It has built-in Overdrive and Delay. And some other feature I haven't looked at yet.

I turned on the OD ---- I set the delay ------


I guess the major distinguishing feature of this amp that my first amp didn't have was the delay.

The delay makes it sound awesome.

Anyway. yeah. I have good settings on my guitar, and the amp sounds awesome.

I wouldn't want to tell what kind of amp it is because I'm in a habit of not identifying individuals publicly, as well as who knows if the people who made the amp will like me or dislike me (because my life is so very effed up and people could take any position).

Though I don't believe forgiveness should always be the default stance for every problem, having grown up how I did I may have to rely on the forgiveness and understanding of people who realize that I was being indoctrinated. Enough said about that.

But, because it's kind of relevant to Avril Lavigne, I'll say this:

You will always be my Blackstar Fly 3. Yeah. I love it.

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