Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My Mom Apologized

This is such a big thing to happen that I feel I might as well mention it on my blog ---- just to make sure it's recorded that it happened.

My brother told me that when I have a problem with someone, I should contact them directly about it, preferably in writing.

So::::: I had a long-standing issue from an incident with my mother from when I was 16 which I did not record in The Book of Finch.

Today I wrote down the issue and how it affected me.

I gave it to my Mom.

She read it.

Then she sat us all down in the living room and basically gave her apology and admitted that such behaviour is a shortcoming of hers. --- although she said she didn't remember the specific incident in question.

So:::: she's apologized. I accept that, and we hope we can move forward with our lives.

I'm just recording this on my blog as a reminder to myself that I did write to her about that incident and she did apologize for it.

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