Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I've Re-Published The Eagle's Sore Ebook


for a long time now I took all my ebooks off of publishing services. No ebooks available for a long time.

But, this evening, in lieu of having Coconuts versus Bananas properly playtested and ready to go -----

I've decided to publish my novella "The Eagle's Sore" on LBRY.

It's at KrisAttfield --- the channel at KrisAttfield.

It costs 9USD worth of LBRY credits. I saw no point in keeping the price down to the pennies on this product.

As for The Book of Finch and Letters to Whomever ---- I'm thinking I'll let those two books drift into the mists of the past.

No point in digging up old quarrels.

The Book of Finch and Letters to Whomever had a purpose ----- but those life stories are so awful there's just no point in resurrecting them. I don't think so at least. The already published books did their jobs I think. Although I didn't really get paid much.

And as a note:::: Today I was diagnosed with another disease. It's possible I might have to spend money to get full treatment. (maybe $450CAD --- maybe) ------ so that's why I need to sell products and make money ----- so I can afford things like this.

Of course, the original dream was to make money so I could buy a house and have a family and all that ---- is that too much to ask for?

LBRY seems pretty decent ------ at least I make some money on that platform ----- which is more than I can say for anything else I've tried so far.

Problem with LBRY Credits is they seem to be devaluing pretty quickly. If LBRY credits were still worth 0.016CAD ---- then my current balance would be about 23 dollars worth. But the price of LBC had dropped to about 0.011CAD ------ which means my credits are only worth around 16 dollars or so.

Making The Eagle's Sore worth 9USD might give people a reason to buy LBC rather than just sell them. Yeah.

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