Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I've re-published Coconuts versus Bananas

I've re-published my old Forge TV title "Coconuts versus Bananas: The Invasion of Carl CocoPalm".

It's on LBRY.

The channel is at KrisAttfieldGAMES.

You can download the LBRY client at lbry.com.

It costs 40 cents USD worth of LBRY Credits to pay for the download.

It requires exactly 4 players to be played who must each have a gamepad. No keyboard or mouse controls.

It works on macOS, Linux and Windows.

I think I've said everything I have to.

Go have some fun!!

(Oh --- I playtested the game with a friend and family --- it was great fun --- much better on Mac than on Forge TV).

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