Saturday, October 5, 2019

Big Stuff

So --- yesterday was a big day, kind of.

I decided I would beautify my bedroom a bit by rearranging and cleaning up.

I found an old shoebox from my childhood just sitting there --- it had been sitting there for ages and no one ever bothered with it.

I looked inside.

I found treasure!!!

The shoebox was mostly empty, but the bottom fifth or fourth of the volume of the box was littered with coins.

There were all these loonies from the early 1990's that were still pretty shiny sitting in there.

The youngest coin I think I found in the box was a toonie from 1996. It was still kind of shiny.

So, I was excited about my little bit of archaeology.

All the loonies and toonie together was worth $36.

In 1996 $36 would have been worth about $55 in today's money.

Maybe that's why I always felt so poor when I was young ---- rather than spend, I saved my money in a shoebox and completely forgot about it.

I decided I would add the money to this month's budget.

I spent two dollars on a lottery ticket. I lost.

I spent twenty dollars on a book. That was actually pretty good deal ------ with the deal I got on the book, it's like the inflation didn't exist. So I'm pretty happy about that.

OK --- a minor detail ----- my Mom bought the book, and I repaid with 20 loonies.


Something else happened yesterday.

My last post said my Mom apologized for something that happened when I was 16.

She said she's had issues with this kind of behaviour, although she didn't remember the specific incident I had brought up.

Well, something spiritual happened.

Maybe you could call it a mental health issue, but with my brother involved and hearing what he had to say ------ it could easily be spiritual at this point.

Basically, like two days after apologizing for a certain kind of behaviour-------

yesterday it, mildly, happened again.

And this time some spirit, or a mental health issue, took revenge.

That should be all I'm willing to say seeing as how this is a family thing, and maybe I shouldn't blab too much --------

But regarding the factors involved --------- my Mom just apologized for certain things a couple days ago, and then yesterday that kind of thing popped up again, and in a snap, it's like some ghost is taking issue with her over it.

Or maybe the treasure was cursed. Who knows.

Just weird stuff. That could easily fall in the mental health category. But seems like it might be spiritual.

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