Monday, September 2, 2019

Today's Scripture

My scripture of the day today is:

Ecclesiastes 1:18.

"For in much wisdom is much grief: he that increaseth in knowledge increaseth in sorrow."

This is my scripture of the day today because it sums me up pretty well.

I would say that I am a man who knows quite a bit ------ but I look at my life and I find so much of what happened to be entirely regrettable.

Since the day I was baptized::: I was trying to be the best I could be.

But other people evidently weren't trying to be the best they could be --- and there was nothing I could really do to change that.

And it is oh so regrettable, looking back.

I actually feel sorrow enough in my life. I just realize, with my knowledge, how wrong things were --- and I don't enjoy the memories or the feelings they produce.

Is there comfort for me? yes there is actually:::: from time to time I'll feel myself start to feel better, as though the holy ghost is comforting me.

I have enough knowledge and wisdom and life experience that it is actually kind of hard for me to be happy.

BUT::::: seeing Ecclesiastes 1:18 actually brings me comfort as well - because an ancient text understands and realizes what I'm going through ---- this phenomenon was not unknown even in old times.

So - that's my scripture of the day.

I just have so many regrettable things I remember. And I couldn't change much of any of it (because I don't control others).

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