Sunday, September 8, 2019

Slow Machines

I just thought I'd post a commentary about what it's like to use the low-end computing technology.

Right now I'm trying to start Unity 4 on my 1.4ghz mac mini.

It's taking a long time. Very slow. Definitely not a development machine. I have to use my 1.4ghz mac right now in order to do what I'm planning on doing in Unity 4 ------ but if I had a good choice, I'd probably try to use something with more clockspeed.

And then there's my 1.6ghz Intel NUC running Ubuntu.

It's a pretty nice machine, except for running LBRY.

When trying to watch videos on LBRY on the NUC, well, it's I guess what you might call "Choppy". It can't play continuously through the whole video.

What you have to do on the NUC to watch LBRY videos is download the video, and then close LBRY and watch the video in the Totem video player.

Because I'm not super-wealthy, I was attracted to the cheaper hardware.

That hardware is really only good for pretty much browsing, email, spreadsheets and word processing. And simple games.

Something complex like the Unity 4 development or LBRY and the processors just can't handle it very well.

But I guess I'll survive.

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