Monday, September 9, 2019

Maybe People Just don't like me

So::: I posted some stuff on LBRY ----- you can earn LBRY credits from sales and tips on that platform ------

I was getting some good tips from some of my videos.

I even sold two copies of Air Defence.

And now all the activity has stopped.

For the past while, there haven't really been tips or sales.

And I think it's just kind of weird how I earned more credits from tips than I did from game sales. That is kind of wind.

Maybe I'm just suffering from that "like like like" dopamine disorder right now.

They say that when people get lots of likes on Facebook that makes them feel good, but when the likes stop they feel depressed.

It's the same for me right now on LBRY. I was getting some pretty good tips for a while. And now that seems to have stopped.

Must be the same kind of thing going on in my brain.

It kind of makes me wonder if people don't like me.

And then I look back on my life and realize, yet again, that even in my own family, my own siblings didn't really like me from early childhood.

No, I just have to think that maybe LBRY credits are in short supply for most people and they just can't pay me.

Or I have to think that they don't have gamepads to play my game with (my game requires a gamepad).

Or maybe they just don't like my preview video. The game might not look interesting enough.

It should be nothing new to me that people don't like me or a dearth of sales ---- that's nothing new ----

But getting all kinds of tips for a little while felt so good

and then it all stopped. And now I'm feeling it. Like that "like like like" Facebook dopamine problem.

I mean, I try to look at my life's story, and see if there's any one spot in my story that might make people dislike me -----------

but that might have nothing to do with it, I realize (with the scarcity of LBC issue), and I also just know that my own siblings didn't really like me from a very young age -------

So people not liking me, in my own thinking, can't entirely be my own fault ---------- it's just that there's a long history of people being jerks to me in my youth and that might just be expectable.

But people not paying me isn't jerkish-ness. It's not

It's just scarcity. People are in debt and poor, and there are a zillion different videos to donate to on LBRY. Rewards are in short supply, especially when compared to my game price.

So, maybe I've already had my success. Maybe LBRY just hasn't grown very big.

There are all kinds of factors why the payments could have stopped -------

the first idea that comes to mind is people don't like me, but then again, people never have,

so it's probably just an economics of scarcity issue.

Is just that "like like like stop" dopamine disorder I guess.

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