Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I've Re-Published Air Defence

Well, with the advent of LBRY I figured I could publish my video games again.

So I published Air Defence for Mac, Windows and Linux.

It's available on LBRY on the @KrisAttfieldGAMES channel.

Be sure to read the README before buying.

lbry.com is the website of the platform.

I've already had one person buy the game:::: and now we're lamenting that I didn't have the foresight to put in full keyboard controls, and that the game requires a gamepad.

Well, my games are ports of OUYA games, and every old OUYA game I publish will require a gamepad -- so that's my excuse.

I recommend the Logitech F310 (I think that's what it's called) --- it can be purchased for about $30. I have two, they're great. Use them a lot when gaming, never had a big problem with them.

Of course, only after publishing the game did it occur to me that I should test the game with my joystick or with other different kinds of configurations.

So far I've found the Linux version is the best.

The Mac version has one small problem, which isn't a big deal, and can be worked around. Kind of. At least now I know for future games that this bug exists.

(and it's a bug with the pre-built Unity 4 software that I don't have much control over).

I don't get to use Windows very much, so I don't know if the same bug exists on Windows --- but the game did work on Windows, so here's hoping.

The best workaround to the small bug I found on Mac can be fixed, if you even want to fix it (because it's not that big of a problem) by switching your Logitech F310 to Xbox mode, installing Xbox 360 controller drivers on your mac, and that does fix the bug.

But it's not a real big bug.

The bug is worst on my joystick on my mac, can be worked around, but works perfectly in Linux.

Oh --- I guess I might as well specify what the Mac bug is::::

The XKey is premapped to Joystick Button 0 in the game.

Changing that mapping in Linux works fine and easy.

In Mac, if you map Joystick Button 0 to Submit and then change XKey to something else, for some reason the computer still thinks the XKey is button 0.

It's not my fault that this bug exists -- it's a preexisting Unity 4 bug I think, but now that I know about it, I'll take that into consideration when releasing future games.

And finally, it comes with the LBRY territory that there's no easy way to update games files. What's done is done. No version control in LBRY. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll learn how to release update patches --- who knows. Oh well.

But, as far as I'm aware, that bug exists only on the mac version ---- so if you do as the Readme says and install it in a Linux Virtual Machine -- the Linux version works a little bit better.

The game is set to cost about 30 cents USD.

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