Monday, September 16, 2019

How Accurate are my Memories?

So::: I was thinking that I should probably keep my nose out of telling people who to vote for this election.

This is especially true since over the past couple months I've repeatedly changed my mind.

I was just thinking about when I was young, in elementary school, learning about democracy.

I have memories of being very politically interested as a kid, although I was in a sense "brainwashed" by my conservative surroundings.

I have a memory of a provincial election I think I remember happened when I was in elementary school. I'm pretty sure it was a provincial election.

I told my Dad about my Memory, and he says I'm wrong.

But then again ---- I have other memories of things that I'm pretty sure happened, and my Dad has also told me I'm wrong about those memories as well. But ---- my Dad wasn't actually there when those things happened, so how accurate can he possibly be in his opinion?

Anyway ----- My memory of this provincial election is me asking me Dad who he voted for ----- My memory is a sense of disappointment that he did not vote conservative like everyone else.

But ---- today my Dad tells me he never actually voted for the party I thought I remembered he said he voted for.

So::: Either my Dad lied somewhere, or I'm having memory problems.

Interesting though, is that the party I remember he said he voted for (but now he denies this memory) is the same party I'm currently considering today.

I don't know. He's not a 100% accurate guy I know, so either he lied somewhere, or I'm wrong.

Ah --- I also have memories of meeting Jesus and seeing Angels ------- and people have told me I'm wrong about that too --------- So who knows anymore.

Anyway ----- I have a memory which is apparently very sketchy because my Dad denies it now ----- but it's just me somehow getting the impression that he wasn't always a Conservative.

Actually, and I'm pretty sure of this because we had physical evidence of it in the house ---- my Dad did actually run for Member of Legislative Assembly once (MLA) ----- and he did NOT run as a Conservative! And he lost (of course)! I'm pretty sure of this memory because of the evidence in our house I clearly saw time and time again --- but when he did this I don't think I was born yet.

My Dad just reminded me of something ------ he and I both signed nomination papers once for someone we knew who wanted to run for this party which I am considering today and I thought I was once told he once voted for. He and I both remember this incident.

But I have a memory of my Dad telling me something when I was a kid, and he told me I was wrong today.

No idea.

Other memories I'm pretty sure about he's told me I'm wrong about before too -------

And then there's my paranormal memories which also I have been told I was wrong about.


Well, I was so young for the memory in question I guess I could easily have gotten it wrong over all that time. I guess.

But, I do know 100% that though we have been heavily influenced by our conservative surroundings, we haven't been 100% conservative, and I know this about my Dad because he once ran for a party that wasn't the conservative party. Yeah.

And I guess that's all I have to say about politics now, without trying to tell anyone what to think, especially because I myself am trying to make up my mind. But I have ideas.

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