Monday, September 30, 2019

Guess Who I thought I saw today?

Well, after writing that last post about needing professional help and the bad memories I suffer from ----

I went to a hospital.

I got my picture taken at the hospital. (diagnostic imaging).

The whole thing more or less went well enough ---------

But as I was walking out of the diagnostic imaging center ----- I saw someone.

Seated right there, in the waiting room,

looked just like Avril Lavigne's Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger.

I've been at a different hospital numerous times before and thought I saw Avril Lavigne herself on those visits -------

but this time the guy sitting in the waiting room looked like her ex-husband.

Yes ----- that brought a smile to my face.

On the way home my Dad called my Mom's cell ---- and I picked up.

I told my Dad who I thought I saw.

My Dad asked if I went to ask him who he was.

My Dad is more extroverted than me, so it's more natural for him to be more conversational ------

I'm introverted, so I'm just happy to see the likeness but have no drive to actually talk to anyone.

Even when I for sure met Avril in person at one of her concerts ------- I didn't even talk to her, I just grunted and walked out of the room.

Anyway. yeah.

Today I thought I saw Chad Kroeger at the hospital. It looked just like him. Yeah.

As for the medical condition we're having inspected:::::

I have my suspicions that I'll be OK.  The symptoms have not persisted.

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