Sunday, September 1, 2019

Getting Linux to Work Properly

OK - so it was only just yesterday that I thought I would put myself up to a test of not writing on my blog for 2 months to see if I can bring myself to shut it down.

The test already failed.

This morning I was thinking about the original purpose of why I started writing this stuff anyway --- and it might still be relevant, so I figure maybe I should keep my blog up just as a reminder of that stuff.

But then I felt a real urge to write again about this following subject:

I really quite like Ubuntu 18.04.

But, as can be expected with Linux --- it's not absolutely perfect.

My NUC, which I have Ubuntu installed on, has a microphone/headphone port.

Yes --- what I mean is there are certain kinds of headsets that can be plugged into that kind of port, and the one port operates as both microphone input and headphone output at the same time.

The same kind of port works perfectly on my macs.

But my Ubuntu machine -- which has this port -- will ONLY PLAY AUDIO from this port. It will not simultaneously function as an audio input.

It would be nice if this could be fixed. I have no idea how resources are with Linux Devs ---- so maybe it's too much to ask ----- but I just thought I'd post this to create awareness of the problem.

Maybe I could've posted a video on LBRY about this---- but no, it seems more appropriate to make videos about how cool things are when they work rather than to report things that need to be fixed.

A blog post seems more appropriate to point out something that should be fixed.

maybe that's just me though.

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