Sunday, September 22, 2019

Can't sleep

It's 3AM right now and I'm not very sleepy, so I'll write a post about computing.

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my 1.4ghz Mac Mini.

LBRY plays videos flawlessly on that system.

While LBRY is stop-and-go on the 1.6ghz NUC with the same operating system.

It might be because the 1.4ghz mac hyperthreads while the NUC doesn't, or maybe it's that the mac has more and better cache than the NUC.

Whatever it is, the slower 1.4ghz machine runs LBRY better than the 1.6ghz machine.

Interesting eh?


So for a good while, anything that got good support on LBRY from me would get sales and tips ----- people seemed to just love me.

But with my recent publish of The Bananatree Brothers nobody's nibbled ---- not even the game trailer got any views.

Maybe it's because I priced it at 50 cents.  It's priced at 40 cents now.

Or maybe there's less than 4.4mllion CAD worth of LBRY Credits in existence and the Credits are scarce for most people. I can understand that.

Or maybe it's just that most people don't have two controllers or two people willing to play. That might be it too.

Whatever it is, I guess I can take a slight break as I myself get two more controllers for playing Coconuts versus Bananas (a 4 player game). If the two player game won't sell, it's even less likely that the 4 player game will sell. No need to rush.

But thanks everyone for all your support on my previous projects ------ it just made me so happy to see people take such interest in my work!

Not sure what else to talk about. I was just thinking about how I need to make my money in order to buy things I would like to have.

Who knows:::: maybe there's some spiritual aspect to me selling lots before and now I'm not selling anything.

For the while I was selling stuff:::: My mom was away on a trip and my Dad was at home.

It's my Dad who really supports my business efforts.

While now my Mom is at home and my Dad is on a trip::::: and my Mom refused to ask God for help making money.

Maybe it's spiritual.

Maybe having the soul of a man who actually wants something same as I do was good for business,

While having the soul of a person around who does not want the same was bad for business.


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