Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Wanting a Perfect World (Everyone to be happy)

Today I feel sombre.

I thought about an old statement my Mom would repeat from the church.

The statement was something like this:::

"No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home".

This is kind of true. I didn't even get paid for my work, and I still feel we are kind of a wealthy family now.

And though these days we enjoy certain things I could never have imagined of when I was a kid --- the simple fact is ---

though we have done pretty well overall ------ I remember too much bs in my childhood to really think we succeeded in the home.

My childhood wasn't the best. We did turn on sort of ok. but only sort of. Not really. Things could have been better.

And we may have greater wealth than before (despite not getting paid for my own projects) --- but though we are doing "well" ----- I still feel sad.

Maybe it's just memories of my past.

But when I started writing this blog post I realized I wish the whole world was happy, that we could all succeed in life.

We probably don't live in a perfect world so this might not happen,

But I am basically feeling bummed about two things::::

1) My home life as a child was kind of a fail

2) I wish everyone in the world could succeed in life.

What can I do to make a difference for people?

The best I can say is I have some understanding that The Law of Attraction is real (even if my parents reject the idea) ------

And I will say maybe what has helped me to this point in my life is me just repeating this phrase every day::::

"Happy, healthy, wealthy, righteous, loving, peaceful, intelligent, good sanity, humble, positive, lucky, frugal, thrifty ---- good eyesight, balance, generosity, long life, musical, skinny and athletic"

I repeat that phrase at least once every day with a belief the Universe will guide me by those values.

I added "skinny and athletic" on the end in an effort to lose weight. I'm eating more salads now. yay.

I've had help in life being guided by various good ideas ----- and I guess the help I can put into the world right now is in the form of the above phrase.

Just repeat that phrase every day with a belief it will be so. That's what I do, that's how i believe I improve my own life.

And I wish everyone could be happy.

But I am well aware the world isn't perfect.

Maybe we can have a miracle. Who knows.

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