Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Should I Apologize To Jesus?

In a recent post, I basically called Jesus "Crazy" for his command to sell all that I/we have and give to the poor.

To tell the truth, I already apologized in a prayer.

But why does it seem to me that selling everything and then giving it away would be so crazy?

If we sold our home, we would either be living on the streets or forced to rent somewhere.

Here in Canada, the winters can get very cold. Living on the streets could kill us.

What's the point of renting if we already own a place? It doesn't totally make sense to sell EVERYTHING.

In that sense, it's kind of crazy to sell EVERYTHING and then give it to the poor.

I have three guitars. Each guitar produces a unique sound when playing music on each.

If I sold one ---- then I'd lose that unique sound in potential music I could make.

if I sold all of them ----- then I couldn't play guitar anymore. Heck ---- if someone wanted to buy a guitar they'd be better of going to the store anyway.

I have an Apple II. I find it to be a fun machine to play around with. If I sold it ----- chances are very slim I'd ever see it again. I think Apple II's are great, and it just doesn't make sense to sell it. Why not just leave it sitting in my room? Does that disturb Jesus somehow? If it does, then that does seem kind of crazy I think.

If I sold my modern computers, then I couldn't write a blog, check email or watch Youtube anymore.

If I sold my phone I could easily get lost when losing contact with my family.

I can understand the importance of giving to the poor ----- but selling EVERYTHING and giving it to the poor? That IS a really hard thing Jesus asks.

So, on some levels it's just really hard, on other levels it is downright insane.

I apologized to Jesus already for calling him crazy -------- but selling our home and then renting would kind of be insane, whlie it would also be insane to just live on the streets here in winter.

I'm glad that Youtube channel told us to think for ourselves in a later video, because unless God is going to beam me up, it doesn't quite make sense to get rid of everything I have.

And even then, being beamed up would be quite an adventure and might seem too scary at this point, as it really is a step into the unknown.

I apologize, Lord Jesus, for questioning your sanity.

But what you ask in the Bible IS a really hard thing to do for some of us. (maybe I'm just too rich now, who knows).

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