Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Seeing Things

What I'm about to say is the kind of thing I would hear in Church Lore all the time growing up --- I heard it so much it was pretty much second nature to understand that this is how reality is meant to be.

Of course, this kind of thing is also exactly the kind of thing Psychiatrists would force you on drugs over ------ they didn't believe in the magical or miraculous occurrences ----- I'm fine with both "magical" and "miraculous" to describe such things, but I know some people don't like the word "magic".

OK ----- so this sort of thing is something I've been recording in my writing pretty much ever since I wrote Letters to Whomever.

I tend to believe a lot of the lights I see are just headlights from passing cars. That's my safe assumption.

If they aren't just headlights from passing cars ---- then I am a very haunted man indeed.

Anyway ----- Over the past few weeks, I guess following the bad feelings from church my Mom was having ---- the bad feelings left (except for the heartache I reported earlier, but my Mom seems to be feeling better) ---------

Well, again I've noticed things like lights in my room ----- and they are most noticeably there when they disappear.

What I mean is ---- there will be a light in the room, but I won't realize it until it's gone. And then I am spooked.

I've made some progression just this evening in these kinds of sightings.

I sat down on my bed in my dark bedroom and grabbed my iPad to play with that -------

But then I noticed my bedroom was half-filled with fire.

Only for a moment though.

The best I can describe it as was fire. It was a big orangy firey light, taking up half my bedroom.

But it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Really strange stuff.

Maybe I shouldn't say it on my blog, as Mormons would say ----- but I've got nowhere else useful to put it.

Besides ----- these kinds of stories were second-nature when I was growing up in church ------ so I guess I might as well share too, as so much was shared with me.

Growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ----- this is exactly the kind of thing you would EXPECT to happen ------ not just some brain chemical theory.

So yeah ---------- this stuff has been going on for a very long time ------- but this evening something a little bit different happened --------- momentarily my room was half-filled with fire ----- not a white light this time.

I wonder how this stuff will progress.

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