Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Revelation Novelty

The topic I have on my mind today is one of those things that just helps you know that GOD IS VERY REAL ------- Under "normal reality" such a thing happening would be considered impossible, and as such what happened could only happen with God.

So:::: I've had and heard many complaints against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints over the years.

I'll just say that they were inconsistent here. No need to explain more.

But in my life experience, I had personal revelation which I later found could be verified in the church, and there was really no explanation for it other than GOD (unless you believe my old Bishop who might've said it was the Devil).

When I was young, long before I was old enough to become an elder (I was an "Aaronic Priesthood Holder") ------- I made, through personal prayer, an agreement with GOD.

Years later and after much study, I found out that this agreement with God MIGHT be one of the Church's Temple Covenants.

I never went to the temple.

And I did not agree to all the temple covenants ---- I agreed to pretty much just one as far as I remember ---------

For the sake of the Church's sanity, I won't print that agreement here, although I did print it in my book, and was later told I was revealing temple-only information in my book (I had no idea it was temple-only information).

So:::: without revealing the agreement here,

All I will say, after years of experience and more learning ----------- Well, the agreement was actually very interesting considering what it was an agreement for.

Now that I know what I know, strange and peculiar indeed.

Back then, when I was talking personally with God making the agreement ----- the agreement made perfect sense --------- but now that I've learned more and have more experience and knowledge ------- I now have every idea that the agreement is actually very strange and peculiar.

And, as near as I could tell ------ it was real.

So, there are points against the Church (obviously) ------- but there are those little magical points that make the Church-God kind of thing stand out as even being somehow realistic ----- although, yes, odd, strange, peculiar.


I don't really follow that Church anymore, I largely ignore them now (mostly).

But in my studies ------- I recently found videos by Jesus-followers, different groups of Jesus-followers, not just one source, but these things can be found in the words of multiple witnesses from different places (online) ---------

I now have a very good idea of why Traditional Western Christianity isn't exactly right.

So:::: Joseph Smith Jr. was on the right track when he wouldn't accept any church ------ because most churches did seem to get it wrong, according to the learning I have.

Joseph Smith's church changed drastically over time ----- and well, I'm not sure he got it right either ------

But the non-Standard Church, though corrupt in its own way -------- did appear to be on to something.

There is knowledge out there about true or truer Christianity --------- so though The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was kind of on the right track, in my experience they kind of also got derailed.

So:::::: To me, this is important stuff ---------

I just wish to tell my readers that they can find the actual truth ------ or more truth I guess ----- but I'd personally say it is kind of an intellectual endeavour, so I'm not sure how God is gonna judge people about this stuff.

I would love to mention my sources in this blog post ------ except I'm in a habit of typically not personally identifying anyone ever (I talk about others in vague terms publicly) ------ so I won't.

Just know the truth, or greater truth is out there.

There are reasons why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints might've got more right than traditional western Christians (as I now understand) ------- but the church I grew up in still failed anyway it seems.

I guess it might just be an extremely intellectual undertaking, and I'm not sure everyone is up to it.

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