Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Removing Ads

For a long time, my blog had no ads.

And then on Youtube, I started seeing videos about making money from ads on blogs.

I took that as a hint to put ads on my blog because they wanted me to.

Today I received a notification of some policy changes coming to the ads -----

I read the changes -------

And I realized that on my blog I talk about MY LIFE ----- and MY LIFE has been so messed up in so many ways that I'd rather not risk a policy violation.

And then I also know everyone pretty much uses some form AdBlock so I wasn't making money anyway (not much at least) -------

So I decided to remove ads from my blog again.

I wasn't making money, and my life has been messed up enough that writing a blog about my life is not worth a policy violation.

I'm going to keep my ads account safe until maybe someday I find a use case for it where I'm not talking about messed up life experiences.

Like:::: if I invented something, and wanted to show ads on my invention's website. Something like that:::: save my ads account for something I know would not violate anything.

But yeah --- I just wasn't making money,

and my life was a very bad place to be for a very long time ----- so I could MAYBE easily infringe on policy.

No more ads on this blog.

NOTE:::: I've had good moments in my life. Probably the best moments in my life were my school teachers educating and encouraging me and praising me. I was a really good student. If I have anything to be happy about, it's how I was a good student. But that's not what I focus on all the time.

I would seem kind of conceited if I just sat around on my blog talking about how awesome me and my life are all the time, wouldn't I?

And to be honest, it's just not important to talk about how awesome I was as a student ---- that's not important to talk about.

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