Saturday, August 24, 2019

Phone Scams

There are way too many crap calls on the telephone.

Our family is in the habit of not listening to them.

We recently got a phone call that claimed to be asking for big donations to a provincial political party.

After my Dad thought about it, he realized it probably wasn't even really real.

It's just someone, most likely, trying to take our money.

Thankfully, my Dad has a history of NEVER donating to anything over the phone.

But yeah --- we got a call from a political party asking for donations and my Dad had this idea that this wasn't likely going to be a real call --- he figured it was probably a scam.

A while back, I posted on this blog about a phone call I received. I eventually deleted the blog post because it didn't seem important anymore.

The phonecall said something about appearing before a magistrate over criminal charges or something.

I didn't believe it ---- we've had calls something like that before, and we don't take them seriously.

If the police want me --- they can come get me.

At least send me something in writing.

But phone calls are one of the last things we'd ever believe. There is way too much crap on the telephone. We pretty much use telephones ONLY for inter-family relations and very little more.

As for the police coming for me:::: days later I saw a police vehicle patrol past my house. And they took absolutely zero interest in me.

I get a phonecall telling me about some kind of thing about criminal charges or something ---- but the police aren't charging in to arrest me nor are they even caring as they drive past my house.

I just can't trust the telephone.

Anyone could make up some friggin' phonecall like that and cause any number of problems with it. I don't feel inclined to believe such things.

It's been quite a while since that phonecall said what it said ---- and I've received no writings nor have the police expressed any interest.

It really was probably bogus.

My life has been full of turmoil ---- but if you have a brain you'd realize I've been doing my best to live the best I can ------- different people believe different things, but so many things that supposedly went wrong around me -- I wasn't even capable of doing that. So, no, I'm not really worried about the police coming to get me. I do my best.

And to me it's obvious that so many people around me don't even come close to trying to do the right thing, so there are other explanations for how things happen. I shouldn't have anything to worry about, I'm guessing -- because I've always or almost always tried to be a good boy.

In our family, we often, 99% of the time just don't take the telephone seriously.

It's a device for inter-family communication and very little more.

We realize we just shouldn't bother with so many of the calls we receive.

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