Friday, August 23, 2019


I looked at again and saw they are getting into business and accepting new developers,

so then I felt REALLY encouraged to start again.

so I thought I would accept my bank's pre-approval.

Problem:::: I have a hard time knowing if I should tell them I'm disabled or self-employed.

One bank views me as self-employed, the other as disabled.

My own confusion in filling out the form might've inspired them to withdraw the pre-approval.

So::: I'm considered Disabled ---- but I am also Self Employed -------

But "Disabled/Self-Employed" is NOT an option.

There is "Disabled/Unemployed" and "Self-Employed" ------- and I'm just not sure which to choose because I haven't made money from my actual work yet -------

So, my application to borrow money, even from a pre-approval, was already rejected.

It's just kind of confusing. Well, maybe I can borrow from that other source I mentioned at an even better rate.

Oh well. Too bad for me and the bank on this I guess.

I get my income from disability, but I do work, but not make much money from work so far, so just confusing.

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