Monday, August 12, 2019

My Menu

In my last post from yesterday, I said I gave my food budget/most of my bank account to charity.

This is still a far cry from everything I own ---- but hey, I felt like actually following Jesus again a bit there.

So:::: What does my menu of likely eaten items consist of now?

I got lucky today::::: My Dad bought me a salad today. I ate a piece of pie he bought too. Had some of my coffee stash. Chocolate bar stash (which is running out).

I've actually done pretty well for today. Mostly thanks to my Dad's generosity to me.

Normally, these days, or in recent days, I would often buy my own salads ------- but salads cost almost $10 -------- so this is now not in my price range.

I gave most of my bank account away. But not all of it. And I still have some cash on hand I can use.

So, if I eat out, I'll be eating from the Value Menus now. Like::: Cheeseburgers. Just the cheap stuff at this point.

As for my canned food::::: I haven't yet had to open a canned food since yesterday, but if I do I've got Beef Ravioli, Cheese Ravioli, and Beans. I actually have quite a lot of food storage, I should be able to last two weeks (although, my whole family altogether on just my food storage probably wouldn't last that long, unfortunately).

I just thought I'd share what I'll probably be eating now that I've given the bulk of my food budget to charity.

I would normally be eating salads that cost around $9, but now I have to look at the value menu ---- and that'll probably be good enough until I get my next payment.

I actually feel pretty good about having given all that money away. I'm happy with myself for that.

It seemed so insane ---- and I did it, and I can see I will still survive.

But to be honest, most of my bank account/all of my food budget didn't account for everything I have ----- so in that sense I probably still fell short of what people think Jesus might've wanted.

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