Saturday, August 31, 2019

If I can stop for two months

I'm kind of wondering if I should just give up.

To be honest: this blog has been a pretty good way for me to talk about things which helped me avoid sending too much email to people.

But:: do I have anything really worthwhile to share with the world anymore?

When I was young, I saw how badly behaved people were and I wanted to be a force for morality in the world.

But morality is a kind of subjective topic.

And the church got really confusing.

And my family, by my own reckoning, is no great example on how to behave.

Maybe I personally was trying real hard ----- but I can see how my family wasn't ------- and that isn't helpful.

It might just be that I have nothing really useful to add to public conversation anymore.

Simple fact is that I wanted to teach people common sense things like "Don't hypnotize others to do really bad things" ---- it should be obvious that this would be moral law, except so many people I knew when I was young didn't seem to realize it.

BUT ----- there are so many other channels and websites and teachers out there who do a great job of exemplifying morality -------- and I kind of feel unnecessary now.

I kind of wonder if I should give myself a test:::

If I can stop posting on my blog, and stop feeling like I should post on my blog, for two whole months ----- 

maybe then I can just back up my files and "shutdown" this website.

If I feel no great need to say anything anymore for two months::: then maybe it's time to stop.

OUYA was fun ------ but that's not happening anymore.

I don't really have an excuse to be in business anymore.

Maybe I'll keep my URL and come back as a musician or something. Who knows.

Anyway ----- I just don't think I have much of anything useful to add anymore ----- maybe this is just a momentary feeling, so I will give myself 2 months ----- so we'll see.

I will finally say this:::::

There's a new video platform that's been created that competes with Youtube.

It's called LBRY and can be found at

I've put up a few videos there on my own channel ------ maybe that's where I can talk from now on if I have anything to say.

Anyway ----- this blog has largely been useful as a way of limiting the amount of personal email I send ----- but I'm not sure I have anything useful to tell the public anymore.

Just try to be good people ------ exemplify righteousness.

That's all I really wanted to say ever since I was young.

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