Saturday, August 24, 2019

Getting to Work

Shortly after writing that post about phone scams, I received notification from a phone call I didn't receive from a different bank than 2 posts ago.

This is one of the few times I'd take a non-family call seriously. But my family is still inclined to ignore anyway.

This bank has also been offering me money.

And I realize two posts ago I felt encouraged to borrow some so I could work again.

But now I don't have to. I don't have to borrow anymore.

Things will probably work out just fine now, and I didn't have to borrow a cent.

How did I accomplish this?

I offered a subsidy to someone so they could buy new equipment, and in exchange, I get the used equipment that will be replaced.

The person took the offer.

I will soon have the likely equipment I'd need in order to do what I want to do.

Everything will be just fine.

I realized I didn't need the exact latest equipment for myself anymore ---- so I offered money as a subsidy for someone else's new equipment and I get the old equipment which will do the job most likely.

Cheaper than borrowing money. Gets the job done.

I'm quite happy/proud of myself now for that.

Yay, I am so smart.

Anyway ----- so though we ignore a lot of calls, we realize we can trust a phone call from the bank ---- although I no longer need it because of my ingenuity in managing resources. Yay.

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