Saturday, August 3, 2019

Creature Comforts

In my life, when I was young, things went badly early on - so ever since my childhood, I've been recovering from my childhood and collecting "the toys" and knowledge necessary to live a better life.

I recently acquired an iPod Touch.

I then quickly realized I could sit in a comfy chair and use a remote app on my iPod to control iTunes on my Mac ----- so the IR sensor on my Mac Mini was less useful and now replaced by an even better albeit more expensive option.

It took me long enough to discover this. Actually, it was only just last year that I bought the really comfy chair --- so I've had some catching up to do (and I've been doing this catching up for the past two decades at least).

Anyway ----- I've figured out everything I would want to know about running my Mac Mini as a media PC and using my iPod as a remote -----

Except for one thing:::::

Sitting in the chair, computer ready with iTunes open ----- I can start a movie, and the movie starts playing,

I switch on some music ----- the music starts playing with the iTunes visualizer.

I switch back to watch another video ----- the audio of that video starts playing ----- but the visualizer stays open and there's no video to watch when playing the video ----- just an iTunes visualizer.

If it wasn't for that one problem, I would be as happy as a clam right now. I am pretty happy with what I have -------- but I would love to be able to switch from listening to music to watching a video and having the video actually play with the visual part properly.

Yes ------- I am very happy with this set up except for that one bug. Just reporting it on my blog because I'm not sure exactly where else I'd go on a moment's notice.

So:::: If that bug gets fixed, I'd be super happy -------- but if I remember there was a rumour that iTunes might get deprecated and replaced by individual applications for individual purposes, such as one for video and another for music.

To me, that sounds like a really bad plan because iTunes works great as it is ----- except for the one bug I'm listing in this post.

So now that my life has finally, after 20 years, developed to a point where I actually have a Mac as a useful Media PC --- and everything's set up now ------- yes ------ I've run into a software problem.

Murphy's Law I guess. If you believe in that.

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