Friday, August 30, 2019

Another Mood Swing and Learned New Music

So::: remember that medical treatment for that benign condition that probably won't kill me that I couldn't pay for earlier because I donated all that money to charity?

Well --- I got my disability payment ----- and I was able to buy my medical treatment. I think I quite like it actually.

But today I went through another mood swing.

Early in the day, I felt like my life had been a train wreck ----- but then I swung into feeling much more happy and confident.

I think I can see why this would be considered a disability ----- there is such a difference between feeling good and confident, and not feeling good.

When you are not feeling good, you kind of feel like you can't operate or deal with people. You just want to hide --- or at least I kind of did.

But ----- during the confident good feeling part of my emotional time -- which I am still feeling -- I spontaneously decided I wanted to learn more music on my guitars.

So::: I pulled out my book of Rock and Pop songs, set up my music stand, and found a piece of music.

The first line on tablature contained only three notes.

I played those notes.

I recognized the first part of a famous tune you might hear on TV.

I looked at the next line of tablature.

The next 3 notes were really confusing and I had no idea exactly how to play them or how they related to the first 3 notes in the famous tune we should all know.

I looked at the whole piece of music:::

Though the first three notes clearly were the first part of a famous piece of music ----- the second half of that piece of music was contained NOWHERE in the tablature,

Anyway ----- I've not really "played by ear" before ----- but from memory and realizing how those first three notes sounded - I was able to figure out how to play the whole piece of music which was made so famous by tv or radio or whatever.

But then again --- Maybe I only THINK I know the whole music --- there's one note in the sequence which I played from ear/memory which I wonder if it's correct or not.

I think it is --- but I'm not sure.

Maybe it would help if I just played this song from the music book on Apple Music. According to the tab, it's not going to be what I just learned to play - but the first three notes compare ---

and I just wonder about those confusing next 3 notes.


So ---- In the confidence part of a mood swing sequence I spontaneously decided to learn some more music. yay me.

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