Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Potential Solution to the question of giving to the poor

I was just thinking about my obsession with differences between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and actual Christianity, and after a short while, I realized something on the question of Selling all that you have and giving to the poor.

If I sold all that I had and gave it to the poor ----- then I myself would also be considered poor wouldn't I?

If I am poor myself at that point:::: doesn't it then make sense to give to myself?

And yes, that basically just means keeping some for yourself.

I understand that this isn't really biblical because the New Testament itself teaches about this a bit differently,

But it's what makes sense to me.

If you aren't already poor, you will be once all your stuff is gone.

Give to yourself then. Keeping some for yourself only makes in this ideation.

Another thing I figured I could mention is this::::

Before making that donation, I had been to the doctor.

I have a mostly benign and cosmetic medical condition.

The chances that this medical condition would ever kill me are really, really low.

But I was urged to seek treatment for this condition.

The government does not pay for treatment.

Treatment would cost about $220CAD.

We were told a local charity might help with the price. My Mom figured that's what I should go for.

And without thinking about my benign medical condition:: over the weekend I gave over half the cost of treatment to charity.

Was that right or wrong? It does make me feel kind of silly------

But it also helps me realize that I'm not really that rich.

And finally, hopefully, the donation will finally be taken from my account today. The banking system is just a bit slow with transactions that take days to complete - isn't it?


So:::: The account has sent the money. Finally. Hours ago (it's 10:24 pm right now).

I was just thinking:::::: If people had given me actual payment for all that I sold:::::::

What would be the best use of that money? To just give it all to the poor, or something else?

I mean, even with the argument that I could keep some for myself -------- there are some questions about how much to keep to oneself.


If I made 6 million dollars selling books and video games -------- and I gave all that away -------- well, here I am, none the better, while someone else now has money ------- and for what? What good would that do?

Like::: If it was somehow decided that I should actually reproduce because of my extreme intellect and good looks ------ I would probably need funding to make that happen.

If I wanted to be useful and help other people, if even just as a food courier ------- I would need to learn to drive ----- I would need to buy a car ------ insurance, gas --------- often times these things are traded for money, so I would need money in order to actually be physically helpful to people.

If God really did want me to be a travelling preacher to the nations as the Church said in my patriarchal blessing ----- unless the Lord taught me to teleport, I would probably need money in order to do all that travelling.

I mean I COULD just give all that money away keeping enough for myself to live on ------- but I and no one else would likely be any better for it.

Having earned money, and having kept some to trade for vehicles and fuel -------- I could then actually do things in the community, if even just to deliver meals.

If I gave everything away -------- then I'd be absolutely useless to people, and I would be praying to God to "beam me up" because I'd have nothing useful to do ----- unless again someone gave ME stuff and I did stuff with that stuff.

Inasmuch as money is not the be-all and end-all of our existence, in order to actually be a useful person in our world, sometimes trading money is necessary to get things done.

But giving it all away would serve SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE ------ and the person who actually sold all their goods would be out in the dark.

I'm afraid, however relevant that teaching may have been in Jesus' day ------ it really probably isn't entirely relevant to us today. Maybe partially relevant ------ sometimes unloading clutter can be good ---- and giving is good -------- but if I were to be a reproducing and useful member of society, I would need to keep a portion of my hypothetical 6 million dollars just do actually do things myself.

Do you know how limited I am as an individual simply because I've never learned to drive a car and don't have a license? I would be so much more useful if I could get myself and others from point a to point b.

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