Saturday, July 6, 2019

Unbelievable but seems likely

Over the years, sometimes my stuff just goes missing. Nobody ever knows where it goes.

Shortly before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney --- I had bought a deck of holographic Star Wars playing cards. They were really quite nice. But they disappeared shortly after I bought them.

I've lost two different sets of install discs for two different operating systems, although that sort of thing was a long time ago.

I've noticed that my bar fridge's supply of drinks also seems to disappear a lot quicker than I ever drink them.

I buy so much ---- and I'm pretty sure it disappears without me drinking that much.

I recently opened a new 30-pack of Keurig K-Cups of coffee. I only drank 2 or 3 of those K-Cups so far.

But I look at my supply in that box, and more than just 2 or 3 of the cups are missing. I'm 100% certain I've only drunk 2 or 3, but more than 2 or 3 are missing.

When I talk about it with my brother ---- he reports the same thing ------- nobody ever goes into his room, yet his supply of coffee in his room dwindles way faster than he's drinking it.

It's like there's a ghost that comes to our house and steals our coffee and stuff.

Also::: a month or two ago I bought a great supply of Chocolate bars. Half those chocolate bars disappeared way faster than they should have.

It really does seem like there's a ghost that comes along and steals our supplies.

I just thought I'd report that ---- especially now that I'm 100% certain I only drank 2 or 3 K-Cups but more than that are now missing.

I'm also kind of upset about losing those Star Wars playing cards. Playing Cards are easy to come by ---- but those playing cards are NOT easy to come by especially since Lucasfilm was bought by Disney and they were especially nice cards too. It's really too bad.

UPDATE: Payment Received:::::

I'm up at 4am, and just a moment ago I found a note on the table that said "For Coffee" with TEN Dollars with it ----- the payment for my coffee I suppose.

Just yesterday evening I watched one of my parents clean up all the used K-Cups sitting around the Keurig.

I've found probably 8 used K-Cups that my brother drunk in one night. Some are decaf, some are not -------- he drinks A LOT of coffee. Probably more caffeine than he should.

And either the "ghost" or my brother is paying me for my coffee now too.

If I ask my brother about the money ---- he will claim responsibility ----- which means if he drinks my coffee, he turfs the used K-Cup somewhere where I don't see it ---- unlike most coffee we drink where we just leaving the used cup sitting by the Keurig.

I don't know ------ it's a little weird ------- but for whatever reason, my brother decided to pay me for my coffee.

Personally, I would only charge $1 per K-Cup ------- he seems to voluntarily spend more than he has to ------- although maybe I'm not aware of all his drinking habits (he might have dived into my 80 pack of Decaf).

With all my supplies that have gone missing over time, maybe I shouldn't argue with his decision to pay me handsomely ----- it's actually very considerate of him.

I could go on about how I find unexpected loot in my house sometimes ---- and then my parents usually claim responsibility ----------

but I'll just say one day I found all the supplies needed for making Smores on the kitchen table ----- my Dad claimed he bought them ------- and then we didn't even eat them. We just put them away.

Bought supplies for smores and we didn't eat them? Weird.

Along with supplies just disappearing, sometimes it seems like supplies just appear in our house too ------ but, of course, my parents commonly claim responsibility for this.

I dunno ------Trade and barter have gotten confusing enough when I distribute at least a thousand products but make less than $20 on them.

Whatever inspired my brother to give me $10 for just a few K-Cups ---- I would say he's over-charging himself, but hey ----- it's really nice of him actually ----- especially considering all the times I didn't get paid in my actual business.


Just think about how strange that is:::: Some of my coffee disappears ----- I ask my brother --- he doesn't know where it went, and claims his own coffee supplies dwindle faster than he drinks.

and then during the night I find a payment for coffee on the kitchen table.


My brother doesn't claim to drink my coffee ---- he says his own coffee goes missing too ----- my parents don't drink coffee ------- we both notice this, have no idea where it's all going ---------

and then I find $10 on the kitchen table to pay for the coffee.

Really, really mysterious.

It might be that my brother is just really-really confused ----- that has happened before I think -------

But yeah, this doesn't make a lot of sense. It really does seem like there's some kind of ghost or angel that visits, takes our coffee, and leaves payment.

In the past, I've found payments of like $20 for coffee at times as well. I always assumed it was my brother ----- but can I really be certain? $20 would pay for a whole 30 pack ---- and yet not THAT much is taken. Hmmm. Weird.

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