Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Coffee Fairy

I woke up at a bit after 2am this morning.

I did have a cup of coffee.

After sitting around for a while, I realized it was still pretty early so I went back to lay down in bed.

While I was in bed, I could hear someone upstairs.

I eventually got out of bed again and went to have another cup of coffee.

It's the weirdest thing, but I suspect some of my K-Cups went missing again.

I DID hear someone walking around ----- and then I find my coffee supply diminished more than it probably should have been again.

So, I drank my coffee and waited for other members of the family to get up to ask them.

My brother finally got up a moment ago.

I asked him if he was up around that period of time.

He said he was probably awake, but not actually up.

He may have made a bathroom visit.

This does not sound like someone who has taken my coffee. No --- my brother is not the explanation if he is being truthful.

This now seems to be kind of like a Santa Claus thing ---- someone visits in the night to take coffee, and also leaves payments for coffee on the kitchen table during the night.

The coffee fairy. Huh.

This might seem fantastical ----- but I am actually telling truth from real reality.

My coffee among, other supplies, has a tendency, it seems to diminish faster than I consume it.

So --- yeah, this is just something interesting to mention on my blog.

The mystery of the Coffee Fairy.

Not sure what else to say. This has actually been going on for quite a while and I am only mentioning it just now.

The most recent payment during this story's timeline was $10. Usually, the payment is $20.

I guess I can live with that. It actually feels kind of good ---- to be able to actually sell something ----- considering all these years of distribution with nothing in return.

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