Monday, July 22, 2019

The Coffee Fairy Strikes Again

When I last saw my psychiatrist, I told her about the coffee fairy thing.

Being a psychiatrist, she was pretty sure it was my brother taking my K-Cups.

I couldn't help but agree that's the most reasonable explanation considering how weird it is that a ghost or angel would take coffee and even leave payment for it.

A few days ago I bought a new 30 pack, and I started to consume it.

I told my brother very clearly that he needs only 2 cups of caffeinated coffee per day maximum.

I've been, more or less, carefully keeping track of how much of this 30 pack I've been using.

I looked at how much I used yesterday and remembered.

This morning nothing seemed unusual, and I got myself another cup of coffee.

BUT ------- it was ONLY that nothing SEEMED unusual ----- the coffee fairy appeared to have rearranged my K-Cups in a way that made them only seem like nothing was taken.

Once I re-rearranged the K-Cups in the box (just by pushing the front-most K-Cup back, which it shouldn't have been pushable but was, (I already was pushing on them the day before) I realized that yet another K-Cup had been taken.

And this time the coffee fairy is trying to make it APPEAR like nothing has been taken.

All this after I know my brother has his own coffee, and I told him it's recommended to drink only 2 cups per day.

And where the missing K-Cup went --- I have no idea ----- my brother leaves his K-Cups sitting around the Keurig ---- my K-Cup that was taken disappeared entirely.

It's just the strangest thing.

Psychiatry is definitely not inclined to agree that it's a ghost or angel --------

but if it is my brother, I mean, that's just really confusing. Why would he do this?

It literally doesn't make any sense.

But the most sensible thing a psychiatric doctor thinks they could do is blame it on his illness.

Just the strangest thing.

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