Sunday, July 14, 2019

Some Explanation Found

Last night my Mom asked my brother if he really needs to use one mug for each cup of coffee he makes using the Keurig.

He DOES actually feel he needs to use one mug for each cup of coffee he makes.


A few mornings ago when I found two mugs with two K-Cups beside each of them ------ looked like the strangest thing in the world to me ---------

But that, apparently, IS in fact how my brother drinks his coffee, and I'm sure he drinks a lot of coffee.

That explains one part of this story.

My brother does use one mug per serving of coffee he drinks ----- he doesn't reuse the mugs until the mugs have been through the wash.

That explains that then.

So::::: was I really encountering some kind of coffee fairy?

The simple truth is:::::: My brother's answers to some questions would indicate there is a coffee fairy -------

But I already know that my brother doesn't always tell the truth, due to his illness, so there's a huge possibility that regardless of what he says ----- it's actually just him, who knows why- taking my coffee and leaving me some money for it.

Angel: maybe ------ brother: more likely ---------

but that doesn't explain the voice that woke me up the other night. I don't know. There was a voice, and though I don't remember it fully as well as when I heard it ---- I'm sure there was a voice.

What about my chocolate bars and star wars playing cards then?

Maybe sometimes things just go missing ---- which explains the star wars playing cards --------

so those missing chocolate bars were either evidence that there really might be some spectre taking my supplies ------- and I actually don't feel right about accusing my brother each time ---- although with his illness he really might be that confused.

Ah ----- one more bit of evidence -------- I also have two other methods of making Coffee that do not involve K-Cups ----- they involve plain ground coffee -------

I had a large tin full of coffee which I eventually used up so much, almost completely ----- that I gave the tin to my father because he wanted it.

It's the strangest thing ----- after some time my Dad returned the tin to me ------- well, the tin apparently got partially reloaded. Somehow. No explanation.

The tin, when finished, had way less coffee in it ------ and then more coffee found its way in there and my Dad decided to return the tin.

So either my family really is playing some sort of game or trick on me ---------- or there is some magic.

There is no explanation of how a mostly empty tin got partially reloaded.

And that is another thing to mention for this storyline.

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