Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Relating to yet another movie synopsis

One of the big things behind my book The Book of Finch is that I felt my own personal life related so extremely well to the movie "The Number 23".

This has also kind of sort of happened with other texts, such as that Sci-Fi flick "Valerian".

Clues for why I relate to Valerian::::: I'm Kris Attfield. Chris Hadfield is an astronaut with a comparable name. An actress with name comparable to "Lavigne". Blue people living in tropical paradise relates to Blaine Bananatree -----stuff like that.

Anyway ----- I've only just seen the Poster for this movie and read the synopsis:::::

But I'm already seeing comparisons between it and myself.

Unfortunately, I will not say which movie this is or what is relatable necessarily about it ------

BECAUSE::::: it's obvious that one of the characters in the movie might be named after a character of at least some small importance in my own life::::: but I was warned long ago not to actually identify numerous people in my own work ----- so for the sake of maintaining one person's privacy, I won't be able to tell you about this new movie I feel comparisons to from the Synopsis alone.

The movie isn't really about me. But it could be seen to probably have been inspired by something about my life.

Why do I see things like this going on in my life?

Probably from my relationship with God. I made a deal with God when I was young, and God seems to be fulfilling his side of the deal as best He can ---- even if the Church I was raised in is completely oblivious.

There may be or probably are other factors involved besides "just God" ----- but I don't think I could possibly tell you about those factors, largely because I don't really know.

But one thing I can reveal is that Ancestry.com has told me about my famous relatives ---- many of them are distant cousins, and though this is just speculation, it's not necessarily impossible that some of my cousins MIGHT (or might not) be involved. You never really know. But this might be an explanation.

I mean, you really never know:::: one interesting fact about my family is my Grandparents and their kids knew Jim Carrey's family before he was famous if I remember the family lore properly.

I suppose you might view myself "making connections" and comparing myself to movies like The Number 23 or Valerian as some symptom of my Schizophrenia.

It's true, those two movies technically aren't really me ----- but they compare so completely well ----- and that's exactly what I learned to look for in English Class in High School.

Part of my personal problem in my own life is my Dad was never really any good at English classes and he's not aware of things like comparing and contrasting like I was trained to do in High School English.

To my Dad, who was never any good in English class, these comparisons I make are more likely things of mental illness.


It's getting weirder now.

I this update MIGHT relate more to my previous blog post --- but I'll say it here.

As my parents and I were going for a walk just moments ago, we walked past this truck that was idling with no driver inside. The kind of truck that would be easy to steal I'm sure.

My Dad seemed to express the most confusion about this in his body language ---- but we just kept walking, left the truck alone.....

As I walked a short distance later, a man emerged from a gateway in a yard.

He looked VERY MUCH like my brother. Like a body double.

My brother had a hairstyle from years ago:::: this man's hair looked much like my brother's hair, the exact same color --- looked much like my brother. Most people DO NOT look like my brother.

Just the strangest thing.

I continued walking, and this man who looked like my brother, I heard him get into that truck and drive away.

Strange things. My brother was asleep that whole time too, in his bedroom.

This man was a little bit shorter than my brother.

I know what I saw, and yes, it's the strangest stuff. Weird but true.

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