Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Second Chance

About this time a year ago I desperately wanted to play my guitar at a certain family event.

Luckily, my family realized my playing wasn't up to snuff yet so they kept me at home --- which did actually make me pretty unhappy, but looking back I think they knew best.

This year a similar event happened. My guitar playing has gotten so much better. And I was set loose into the scene with my instrument.

I had a great time. My music was complimented. Yay.

In a recent post, I noted how my sister would never listen to me when we were kids, even if she was technically supposed to.

Well, at this event I noticed a lot of the young people just seemed to have an inability to follow instructions. Even if the adults made certain things perfectly clear:::: the kids would somehow end up just not obeying anyway.

When I was young, I eventually realized, probably long before so many other kids did ---- that following rules and instructions is very important. I did kind of in that sense at least mature faster than other children ------ so being a listener and a follower of instructions ---- plus putting in my effort ---- I was really good at school.

And I was just thinking about how as I got older in my childhood somehow my body seemed to physically degrade so I was actually physically and mentally incapable of following rules and instructions myself. And that's where my disability came from (in a very simple sense of stating it).

It seems most people in their young years have problems with instructions. I learned to follow instructions at a young age.

So yeah ---- it's just weird how over time I personally became physically and mentally incapable of doing as I was told -------- a big reason I became considered disabled.

Eventually, I did start to recover ------ but my life had to change in so many ways before I could come back to health.

Yeah weird. Not going in-depth any more on this post.

It's just great I was able to play my guitar at a family event ----- as well as just thoughts about being incapable of doing things properly.

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