Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Just Interesting and Weird

So on Saturday afternoon to Sunday Morning, I was writing about how some of my Keurig Coffee Pods were obviously missing from a package ------

There were only two possible explanations::: Either my brother or some kind of Ghost or Angels.

My brother told me that his coffee pods also disappear faster than he drinks them.

And then by Sunday Morning, I find payment for the coffee on the Kitchen table.

So: either there's a ghost or angel that buys our coffee ------ or my brother is confused and tells me his coffee goes missing but then pays me for that for some reason. I don't know.

Then, by Tuesday, on a walk around the neighbourhood----- well, my brother was still asleep in his bedroom at that time, but I find a man who looks very much like my brother walk past and greet me.

Today the story gets a little weirder.

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. I was making a cup of coffee when I noticed something:::::

On the stove, by the coffee maker -------- there are two coffee mugs just sitting there. Each coffee mug has a K-Cup of decaf placed before it (2 coffee mugs and 2 unused K-Cups of decaf).

Why? I have no idea. This never happens. My parents don't drink coffee.

Either it really is some kind of ghost ---------

Or we can all feel very much wonderment about how confused my brother's thinking is.

Either this stuff about coffee missing and payment and strange arrangement of mugs and K-Cups is all due to a ghost ---------

Or my brother is engaging in really, really confusing behaviours where he takes my coffee even though he has his own ---- then he only just says his own coffee also goes missing ----- then he pays me overpriced values for all this coffee ------- and for no reason I could ever understand places two mugs on the stove with one K-Cup (unused K-Cup I should say) each sitting there.

It's possible that my brother IS actually a very confused individual ----- he has had problems for a very long time ---------

So now it's just weird that there was also that guy on the block who looks JUST LIKE my brother.

That guy maybe was some kind of doppelganger ---- or who knows if it was a ghost of some ancestor that my brother's appearance took after. It would even be weirder fi it was an actor.

Not a whole lot is making sense.

Either my brother is very, very confused and his double has appeared now -------

Or there's some kind of ghost or angel making very real interactions with us in our home.

My parents don't drink coffee. They don't explain any of this.

This has just gotten really strange. Either my brother either has deeply weird issues in his head --- which he might,

Or some kind of paranormal phenomena has been occurring.

It just doesn't make any sense why there are two coffee cups with 2 K-Cups sitting there like that.

It doesn't make any sense at all.


As for that movie I sensed a personal relation to when I read the synopsis ---- I learned more about the movie ----- and though the movie isn't really about me ------ it can be seen to be very relatable to my life experience even now. I still see some comparison.

There's my life ---- and The Number 23 is like a retelling of my life ------- and then this movie is like .a completely different way, seemingly, of telling parts of that story yet again, it seems like. Just strange to me. And this is only from what I understand of the basic premise of the movie as talked about in "preview videos" and the synopsis. I just see it as relatable.

This sort o thing has happened in my mind over and over and over again. Maybe I'm the one with the weird psychology now.


My parents are finally up now. I talked to my Dad as he sat in his bed about my finding with the two coffee cups.

He says he himself also found this happening the other night.

He attributes it to my brother ---- my brother organizing his coffee drinking.

SO:::: To my Dad, this really might just be a really strange behaviour from my brother.

Why does one man, my brother, need two different coffee cups instead of just one? I have no idea.

Doesn't make sense ---- but this is apparently what I live with.

I DID say it's possible that my brother is just a very confused person. It doesn't really make any sense ---- but this is the truth of my reality.

On a side note, I could say that I'm just wasting my life because most members of my family haven't figured out "the way to be" yet ---- and I'm not allowed to teach them either it seems.

I myself have been attributed with mental illness, but I view myself as basically being lightyears ahead of my family ----- and that my family's problems just rub off on me because I'm around them all the time.

There are better "ways to be" ------- but I can't force my family to adopt those ways, so this is what I live with. And, yeah, I myself am considered mentally ill because of it.

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