Friday, July 19, 2019


My Mom and Dad went on a long car ride. She seemed to be feeling better when she got back.

While they were away, I looked at my email and saw a game store advertisement for a game called "Eagle Island".

Considering I wrote a book called "The Eagle's Sore", and my Bananatree games feature "Banana Island" ------ I figured this game might be interesting to take a look at ---- especially as it involves falconry with owls and I've had a long history of avian interest (since childhood).

The game is pretty well done. Of course, I'm the guy who liked PlayStation Classic ---- so just about anything would impress me ----- so this was especially impressive.

I tried and failed over and over and over again. But it was well done, and I can see how it's fun.

I played it with a Logitech controller plugged into my Mac ------- so I don't know about Mouse or Keyboard controls. It works with a real controller though.

And remembering Banana Island from my own video game ------

I decided to do a search for Banana Island, just to see what was out there.

Yes ---- there now is an official and real Banana Island. In Nigeria.

It's a man-made island. Part of a development project. I found it in Apple's Maps app.

You can look it up on Wikipedia ---- very interesting, and especially odd for me to see some of the things about the history.

With games and actual man-made islands going around ------ I can delusionally feel like I'm "somebody" ------ but I never made my money as far as I'm aware so it's just interesting, I guess, how I seem to have impacted the world, whilst at the same time seemingly having a complete dearth of sales.

They say people who work for Jesus don't work for money at the same time. Maybe that's what happened to me.

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