Friday, July 19, 2019

I Was Over-joyed. My Mom is not.

One of the biggest issues I've had in all my writings for pretty much ever was "What exactly does forgiveness mean to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints anyway?"

I was baptized 27 years ago. And not until YESTERDAY was the non-standard Church's definition of "Forgiveness" was defined in a way that made sense.

D&C 64 --- from the non-Standard Church's scriptures, explains we are required to forgive ALL men ---- but then in other places in the D&C the book explains we are still also required to punish all sins and crimes.

Standard Churches, or most people of the world as I've understood, define "forgiveness" as NOT PUNISHING a person for their offence or crime.

But the non-Standard Church wants all forgiveness and all punishment at the same time. Which didn't make any sense according to the Standard definition.

This had me confused for a very long time.

The non-Standard Church tried to explain the word ----- none of these explanations really made any sense, for all sorts of different reasons.

And to be sure ------ there were multiple different definitions and none of those definitions were exactly the same as each other ----- the one "true" church had a conflict of multiplicity in definitions of what that meant when they said that word.

Well, YESTERDAY I asked the question to a search engine, and the search engine took me to some Random non-Official Church Blog which was actually able to explain the word in a non-standard Church Context (I believe the blog was called "Why Mormonism?").

The definition of the word is "To NOT HOLD A GRUDGE".

This is the giant "aha!" moment for me where I finally understand what they mean by that word,

Where you can not hold a grudge against someone but still punish them for what they did at the same time.

Justice is meted out and you have a non-toxic ever after at the same time.

I was over-joyed. This explanation actually made sense. In the non-Standard Church context.

When my Mom got out of the temple yesterday, and we were driving her home - I couldn't help but chatter for a bit about how happy I was that I now finally understand what the church is talking about, in a way that actually makes some sense.

Well, today is the next morning.

My Mom is not in a good mood.

In fact, I heard her tell my father that she'll have to call someone from the Church to tell them that she will NOT be giving that talk this Sunday.

Not sure exactly what the problem is here, to me it is a mystery of how I finally have that word explained to me, I'm happy, and now my Mom is not happy.

Anyway ------- though in the non-Standard church's context the definition "To not hold a grudge" does make sense ---------

In the context of Jesus' suffering and crucifixion it still does NOT make sense.

Most Christians believe that Jesus was punished so we don't have to be punished ---- that's what forgiveness means to most Christians ---------

But yeah ----- it doesn't quite make sense to me the non_Standard Church's version where somehow Jesus suffered and died so the world would no longer hold grudges.

That doesn't quite make sense.

To be honest, I like the standard Christian version more ----- it makes more sense and is actually practical and useful in making the world a better place ------ the standard Christian way actually does something to make the world a better place.

So yeah ---- I had my "aha!" moment after 27 years where I now understand what the church means by that word,

but my Mom has grown grumpy as if something is now wrong.

Maybe there are some things I'll never understand.

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